What We Do

Lights! Camera! Action!!! We at Conversion Webinars believe a webinar is a blockbuster Hollywood film production. The success of every film is dependent on the script and the vision of the producer and director to bring it to life. Enough said, that is why CW is necessary for your webinar production needs. Sit in the actor’s chair and let us turn you into the SUPERSTAR that you are.

Each client’s needs are specific. CW tailors our services to meet such specifications and budget. Our team of professionals guides you throughout the entire process, from Pre-Webinar through Post-Webinar. Our job is to make your job easier. The webinar is an incorporation of an on-line presentations, product demos, marketing/sales pitch, PowerPoint slides, video and photos.

What You Get

  • Overall webinar strategy
  • Content creation: scriptwriting, PowerPoint design, video production
  • Presenter training and rehearsal
  • Presentation review — is it “webinar-ready”?
  • Webinar marketing & promotion
  • Email autoresponder setup for attendee registration, invitation emails and reminders
  • Moderation of the webinar chat, surveys & polls and assistance with the Q&A session
  • Technical assistance prior to and during the webinar
  • Post webinar feedback report

So Many Features, So Little Space. Our webinar platform uses ALL of the following features to convert

We listed a few, just to give you an idea as to how powerful it is.....

  • HD Streaming

    HD Streaming

    Presentations are streamed in High Definition. The clarity of audio and video makes it so much more dynamic. No special equipment required.

  • Unlimited Attendees & Unlimited Events

    Unlimited Attendees & Unlimited Events

    Whether it be small or large audiences, your webinar can be scaled quickly and easily to maximize the impact of your message

  • Social Media Sharing

    Social Media Sharing

    Create a buzz and drive attendance by using our social media integration to automatically promote your webinars via social media networks.

  • Smart Device Compatible

    Smart Device Compatible

    Access webinars anywhere, anytime with anyone via any device. It's completely browser-based, that means no plugin download or no software installed. It can be viewed on either PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

  • Security


    Security is a VERY BIG concern for us. As such our webinars are protected by a highly reliable and secure network. We use an enterprise-scale network designed specifically for highly secure delivery of on-demand applications.

  • Live Chat

    Live Chat

    A real-time conversation is crucial for any webinar event. It's natural and interactive. Use the live chat to answer / exchange questions and comments with your audience. Encourage your attendees to let the conversation flow.

  • Full Analytics & Statistics

    Full Analytics & Statistics

    Instantly access webinar summary data including how long the webinar lasted, how many invitees participated, how attendees rated your event, how much attendees were present, which country they came from and how long they stayed. Relevant metrics to improve future performance based on scorings and comments.

  • Polls & Surveys

    Polls & Surveys

    Build, test and survey questions to gather the data intelligence from your audience, share and analyze results. Polls and surveys are great tools for capturing feedback for decision making and for improving webinar content. As importantly, they measure the level of support for a new idea or initiative so you can gauge future success.

  • Multi Language

    Multi Language

    Aiming for an international audience? Maybe English, Spanish or French. The possibility does exists. Our system will automatically translate everything for you. There are 52 preferred language options to choose from. No more language barriers

Proof is in the Testimonials

Satisfied customers DON'T LIE

  • 3 Webinars and 2 Product launches later I have made over $92,215.36 and average about $3,000 month in recurring business. They dig into the psychology of making the sales by presenting your products or services in a way that puts you in control and your prospects wanting to buy. Trust me if you hire CW, use their process and if it doesn't work better than the traditional methods out there...you must be presenting to a dead prospect!"
    James Ivor
    - Internet Marketer
  • I can't thank you guys enough. As you know, in the beginning I was resistant to the joint venture idea at first but then I decided to give it a chance... and I am so glad I did. I nearly missed out on one of the best business opportunities EVER! I made roughly about $12,850 from my first webinar. It also had a profound effect on my business, sales kept coming and I also gained several new customers... the list goes on and on. Thanks again guys
    Janet Stephens
    - Exotic Soap Maker
  • "These guys are the next big thing!! I mean SERIOUSLY. Marketing and Customer Engagement has evolved. Webinars are it. These guys practice what they preach and put it into full effect. If you want to significantly increase your sales and revenues let these guys create a product launch formula for you. My books sales couldn't have been better. Trust me if these guys can do it for me they can do it for you. Listen and learn from what they say."
    Jeffrey Groden
    - Author
  • "Never thought that I could really can do this! Never thought people would be really interested in what I have to say, that they would be willing to hear me speak about my services, my experiences. You guys really made me stand out from the crowd by using webinars for my business. Now, you guys are my official partners in success. I'm going to start using webinars to promote my services while giving people information that can cause them to succeed in accomplishing their financial goals. Thanks again!!"
    Debra Felix
    - Financial Advisor
  • "For the first time in a very long time, I'm speechless. CW offers a tremendous opportunity to maximize your earnings through webinars. I have been involved in and tested many sales and marketing strategies every year but none has amazed me as their product launch formula. It was a pleasure to have partnered with you guys."
    Akil Henry
    - Sales Manager
  • Candy here. First off let me start by saying my next statement is going to be a selfish one at best. I was disappointed with these guys when they told me they were advertising to the masses because up until now they have been one of my best kept secrets.To be honest I really preferred if they had stayed a SECRET.
    - Hair Dresser

What Clients Say

The Process

Successful Conversions begins with knowing. Hence we ask 5 Main Questions: WHO? WHAT? WHY? WHEN? & HOW?. It’s not just about creating and publishing your webinars, our process goes much deeper into sales and marketing strategies. Because we design to have one result. CONVERSIONS!!

  • CW identifies a market that is right for you
  • CW builds the webinar show
  • CW outlines the best structure for your show
  • CW creates original, relevant and engaging content
  • CW shows you how to monetize your show

Let's make your product PROFITABLE $$$

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